The Advanced Gerson Therapy, here at Northern Baja Center, is a comprehensive, holistic, all-natural approach utilizing a myriad of scientifically proven immunological nutritional and detoxification therapies to successfully reverse a vast majority of degenerative diseases including terminal cancer.


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Treating advanced cancer

An oasis of health combining the proven principles of Dr. Max Gerson M. D. and the Gerson Therapy with advanced immunotherapies for the optimal healing of chronic degenerative diseases.

patient receiving the gerson therapy - Gerson Treatment

patient receiving the Gerson Therapy

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Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Albert Schweitzer - Gerson Treatment

Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Albert Schweitzer


We have chosen the Gerson Therapy as our method of treatment as it has nearly 100 years of proven, unsurpassed success in the treatment of advanced, “terminal” and non-terminal degenerative diseases as well as being the highest standard for the prevention of disease.


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