About Our Clinic

Northern Baja Gerson Center is located on the stunning coast of Baja California just outside of Rosarito, Mexico 40 minutes from San Diego International Airport. Our ten bedroom facility is situated on the penthouse floor of a high rise overlooking Rosarito Bay. With seven balconies, eight jacuzzis, a sauna overlooking the ocean and a beautiful infinity pool, we truly have the most beautiful facility in the entire region. Our clinic is designed to feed your soul and heal your body. We have no doubt that you will find our accommodations peaceful and serene, all while receiving the incredible healing power of the Advanced Gerson Therapy.

It is safe. Every day, tens of thousands of people cross the Mexican/United States border safely, en route to their jobs and homes on either side of the border.

Upon your arrival, we will pick you up at the airport and take you across the border to the clinic. We will also return you to the airport at the conclusion of your stay with us.

Our wonderful, caring Mexican staff works around the clock to make sure all of your needs are met.

At all times there is someone in the clinic that speaks both English and Spanish so that your needs are clearly understood and communicated.

We are confident that your stay at our clinic will be so peaceful and pleasant that you simply will not want to leave. For more details on booking your stay at our clinic please contact us.

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