Advanced Gerson Therapy

Advanced Gerson Therapy

After Dr. Gerson’s death in 1959, his therapy remained dormant for 18 years until Norman Fritz approached Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, and convinced her to carry on her father’s work and legacy. In 1977, the first Gerson hospital was inaugurated in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Gerson was the consummate scientist; constantly trying to perfect his already powerful therapy. In his book, “A CANCER THERAPY: RESULTS OF 50 CASES,” on pages 121-130, Dr. Gerson eluded to various directions he wanted to take his therapy in order to improve its results. Unfortunately, Dr. Gerson never got the opportunity to test those theories out because he died.

In the early 1990’s, Charlotte Gerson, for whatever reason, decided, unilaterally, to separate herself from those who wanted to further improve on Dr. Gerson’s work as Dr. Gerson, himself, would have liked. With a deep desire to see Dr. Gerson’s ideas carried out and a deep desire to see superior clinical results we had no choice but to leave Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute so that we could begin applying those beneficial additions to the therapy which have PROVEN to increase the clinical outcomes. Today, our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY has proven to be unrivaled in the superior results it obtains just as Dr. Gerson himself theorized it would.

The advanced Gerson Therapy is, by far, the most powerful and effective alternative therapy available for advanced (or non-advanced) degenerative diseases, including “terminal” cancer. The results obtained from incorporating a combination of progressive protocols are simply unrivaled.

Moving forward, it is our intention to continue expanding and implementing viable therapies into our protocols to further improve the success of healing the body from illness.

Our team of doctors utilize the latest advanced therapies proven to eradicate cancer and other degenerative diseases. Currently our advanced therapy program includes the following:


  • The Gerson Therapy

    Oxygen Therapies

    Coley’s Immunotherapy

    Immersion Hyperthermia

    Laetrile (Oral/IV)


  • Laboratory Tests

    I.V. Vitamin C Therapy

    Chelation Therapy

    Dendritic Cell Therapy

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