Codex Alimentarius

Literally translated as The Food Code, Codex Alimentarius is the medical establishment’s latest attempt to destroy and/or control the natural supplement industry as natural supplements are competing with the pharmaceutical companies trillion dollar per year industry and keeping people healthy without the use of toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

Spear-headed through the World Trade Organization, Codex Alimentarius is already being implemented in countries such as Germany, Norway and Uruguay. In Germany, five years ago, you could get a one pound bag of Echinacea, over the counter, for $8US. Today, because of the laws passed through the World Trade Organization under Codex Alimentarius, you need a medical doctor’s prescription for Echinacea and it will cost you, roughly, $175US. Vitamin C is a similar situation. A bottle of Vitamin C, 50mg tablets, which you could get over the counter, used to cost $7 but, once again, you now need a medical doctor’s prescription and it will cost you $75.

World Governments have surrendered their sovereignty to the World Trade Organization. In simple terms, once the WTO has instituted laws, individual governments are expected to adopt those laws in their home countries, as demonstrated by Germany, Norway and Uruguay currently. The United States government is stealthily trying to institute these laws through repeated campaigns to “regulate” the natural supplement industry. Take Sen. John McCain for example.  About one year ago Senator John McCain tried to pass a bill through the Senate “regulating” the natural supplement industry but quickly backed down amid a massive backlash by the American Public that is the largest consumer of natural health products in the world. Do not be fooled by McCain’s actions, which were disguised as a legitimate attempt to protect the American Public. Nothing could be further from the Truth. These are repeated attempts by the pharmaceutical industry, riding on the back of the United States government and supported by WTO policy, to destroy the natural supplement industry, at worst, or try to profit from it  themselves by making natural supplements unaffordable to the average person. They will continually try to reintroduce legislation until they eventually succeed. Educate yourself on these happenings by doing a simple Google search of Codex Alimentarius; a frightening development to say the least.