If you have questions regarding the Advanced Gerson Therapy please contact us by email or telephone at:

USA Phone: 715.299.5070


Thank you for visiting our website. The Gerson Therapy has 100 years of proven success in the treatment of advanced, degenerative diseases. If you would like further information regarding the treatments we have available, or a stay at our facility, please contact us at the contact information above.

We will get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed.

view from the clinic

View from the New, Advanced Gerson Therapy Hospital

We have the highest respect for the monumental effort of Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson Institute for spreading Dr. Max Gerson’s message of healing cancer with nutrition throughout the world.

Patients at our clinic are treated with the nutritional protocol pioneered by Dr. Max Gerson MD and commonly known as the Gerson Therapy.

Many of our patients want to incorporate advanced protocols in addition to the Gerson Therapy like Vitamin C IVs, Laetrile, Coleys, Dendritic Cell Therapy, and more.

Offering additional protocols precludes us from being a Gerson Institute certified clinic, but we believe these therapies offer tremendous value in improving survival, which is why we make them available for our patients.

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