Gerson’s Published Articles & Books

Gerson’s Published Articles and Books

Dr. Gerson´s therapy is the most renowned therapy in the history of medicine for the reversal of advanced disease. It has over 100 years of proven success in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a myriad of other degenerative diseases. Dr. Gerson was the consummate scientist. Up until the United States Government and Medical Industry officially banned him from publishing his work, because it would have literally destroyed the medical and pharmaceutical industry as we know it today, Gerson was one of the most published doctors in the world. Below is a list of all of Dr. Gerson´s officially published Works that appeared in the world´s top medical journals of his time; One of the greatest medical geniuses to ever walk our planet. Enjoy!

Dr. Gerson’s Original Published Articles and Information on The Gerson Therapy and Related Subjects.

English – Dr. Gerson’s Original Published Articles
1931  Opening Discussion.pdf
 Modern Dietetic Problems in the Treatment of Tuberculosis, Published in the Journal of State Medicine, 39:8, pp. 443-45, Aug. 1931
1941  Feeding the German Army.pdf
 Published in the New York State Journal of Medicine 41(13):1471-1476, Jul. 1, 1941.
1943  Some Aspects of the Problem of Fatigue.pdf
 Published in the Medical Record 156(6):341, 1943.
1945  Dietary Considerations in Malignant Neoplastic Diseases.pdf
A Preliminary Report. Rev. Gastroenterol. 12:419-425, Nov.-Dec. 1945.
1946  Case Histories of Ten Cancer Patients Clinical Observations Theoretical Considerations and Summary.pdf
 This document is the text of Dr. Max Gerson’s testimony before the Pepper-Neely Joint Congressional Subcommittee on establishing a  national cancer research center.
1948  The Jew and Diet.pdf
 A presentation given by Dr. Gerson at “The Jew and Health” symposium in New York City, April 1948
1949  Effects of a Combined Dietary Regime on Patients With Malignant Tumors.pdf
 Experimental Medicine & Surgery – VII 299-317, 1949
1955  The Gerson Treatment for Cancer.pdf
 A physician who is curing cancer, even in advanced stages, uses mainly diet to work his miracles. Published in Prevention Magazine, August 1955
1956  The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy.pdf
 A lecture by Dr. Max Gerson where he summarizes his 30 years of clinical experimentation using diet and detoxification to cure advanced cancer. Delivered at Dr. Jensen’s Health Ranch in Escondido, CA in 1956
1957  Can Cancer be Prevented?.pdf
 Published in Prevention Magazine, April 1957
1900  Einige Resultate der Diattherapie bei Kavernen nach vorausgegangener chirurgiseher Behandlung, von Dr. Max GersonVerh D Ges f Inn Me
1910  Ein Bromoformvergiftung, von Dr. Max Gerson Aertzliche Sachverstandigen-Zeitung, pp 7-8. 1910
1916  Zur Aetiologie der myasthenischen Bulbaerparalyse, von Dr. Max Gerson – Berliner Klinische Wochenschrift v53n51, p1364-5, 1916
1922  Zur Aetiologie der Multiplen Sklerose, von Herr M. Gerson – Duetsche Zeitschrift fur Nervenhheilkunde, Leipzig Verlag F.C.W.Vogel 1922
1930  Einige Ergebnisse der Gerson-Diat bei Tuberkulose, Die Medizinische Welt, vol 4 #23 pp 815-20, Jun 7, 1930
1930  Einiges zur Diaetbehandlung der Lungentuberkulose, von Dr. Max Gerson Zeitschrift fur arztliche Fortbildung, vol 27, #11 6-1-30, pp 349-354
1930  Ergebnisse der Diatbehandlung dre Hauttuberkulose, von Dr. Max GersonKlinische Wochenschrift v9 #15 pp 693-4 Apr 12, 1930
1931  Einiges uber die Kochsalzarme Diat, von Dr. Max GersonHippokrates vol 3, pp 627-34, Mar 1931

  • English Translation – Some Observations on A low Sodium Diet
1931  Erwiderung auf die Arbelt: Die Grunde der Ablehnung der salzosen Diat durch die Tuberkulosehellanstalten von Prof O. Ziegler Von Dr. Max  Gerson in Kassel Wilhelmshohe – Feb 20th 1931

  • English Translation-Response to the work: Reasons for the rejection of the salt-free diet by Prof. O Ziegler’s tuberculosis sanatoria.
1932  Blutsenkung bei Diatbehandlung der Lungentuberkulose, von Dr. Max Gerson Zeitschr f Tuberkulose, n63 pp327-37
1932  Diatbehandlung bei Migrane und Lungentuberkulose, von Dr. Max GersonWiener Klinische Wochenschrift, – vol 45, # 24 , 6-10-32
1932  Erwiderung auf die Arbeit C. v. Noordens, Kritische Betrachtungen uber Gerson-Diat insbesondere bei Tuberkulose von M. Gerson, Berlin Med Klin
1935  Ernaehrung u. Diaetetik, Muench M Wchnschr v82 pp 571-4 Apr 11, 1935
1935  Ernaehrung u. Diaetetik, von Dr. Max Gerson und Wolfgang v. Weisl Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift vol 82 pp 571-4 Apr 11, 1935
1935  Anmerkung zur obigen Ausfuhrung von W. Neumann, von M. Gerson Wien Klin Wchnschr, 48, p1069, Aug 23, 1935
1935  Bemerkungen zum Aufsatz von Prof. Neumann,, Ernahrung der Tuberkuloesen, Von Dr. Max Gerson. – Wien Kl Wchnschr v45n9 pp272-3, Mar 1, 1935
19??  Einige Ergebnisse diatetisehher Behandlund bei Lungentuberkulose, von Dr. Max GersonDuetsche Zietschrft fur Inn Medizinische n43 pp
Soon to be Translated
Fluessigreiche kalidiaet … Muench M Wchnschr v82n15 Apr. 1935
Grundsaetzlige Anleitungen …, Muench M Wchnschr v77n23 pp967-971, Jun 6, 1930
Kein Krebs bei normalem Stoffwechsel, v49n5 pp 175-9 Jan 29, 1954
2007  Japanese
 English Translation Gerson Therapy by Dr: Yoshihiko Hoshino and Dr. Watayo Takaho

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physic

1907 Dissertion Article: Influence of Artificial Hyperemia and Blood Transfusions in the Treatment of Fractures in the Hip Joint.
1910 Brocomol Poisoning.
1916 Myasthenia Bulbar Paralysis.
1918 Reflex Hyperesthesia.
1919 Paralysis Found in Diphtheria Carriers.
1921 Concerning the Etiology of Multiple Sclerosis
1924 Constitutional Basis for Nervous Symptoms.
1926 Experiments Attempting to Influence Severe Forms of Tuberculosis Through Dietetic Treatment.
1929 Origin and Development of the Dietetic Treatment of Tuberculosis.
1929 Treatment of Rickets and Tuberculosis.
1930 Several Experiments with the Gerson Diet in Tuberculosis.
1930 Salt Association with Migraine (An early factor in dietetic treatment)
1930 Basic Approaches to the  Gerson Diet.
1930 Phosphorus, Cod Liver Oil and Gerson Diet in the Treatment of Tuberculosis.
1930 Several Factors in Dietetic Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
1931 Nicotine as a Deterrent Factor in the Treatment of Lupus.
1931 Several Experiments in the Dietary Treatment of Tuberculosis.
1931 Resume of Varying Sensory Factors in the Treatment of Lupus.
1931 Basis Underlying Discontinuance of Salt Free Diet in Tuberculosis Sanitariums.
1931 The Dietetic Problems of the Present Day in the Treatment of Tuberculosis.
1932 The Gerson Diet in Chronic Pulmonary Spastic Disease and Hypertension.
1932 Observations on the Gerson Diet.
1932 The Gerson Diet in Practice.
1932 Dietary Treatment of Migraine and Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
1932 Gerson Diet on Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Migraine.
1934 Psychic Reactions During the Gerson Diet in Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
1935 High Fluid and Potassium Diet as Treatment in Cardio/renal Insufficiency.
1935 Feeding of the Tubercular.
1935 Nonspecific Desensitization’s by Means of Diet in Allergic Skin Diseases.
1935 The Recession of Inflammation in Gerson Diet with Special Reference to Tubercular Inflammations.
1935 The Administration of Liver Extract in Relation to Diet in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases.
1935 The Gerson Diet in Home Practice.
1941 Feeding the German Army. New York State Journal of Medicine.
1943 Some Aspects of the Problems of Fatigue. The Medical Record, NY.
1945 Dietary Considerations in Malignant Neoplastic Diseases. Review of Gastroenterology.
1948 The Significance of the Contents of Soil to Human Disease.
1949 Effect of a Combines Dietary Regime on Patients with Malignant Tumors. Experimental Medicine and Surgery Ny.
1954 No Cancer in Normal Metabolism.
1954 Cancer- A Problem of Metabolism.
1955 Cancer is a Problem of Soil, Food and Metabolic Disturbances Basically Responsible for Cancer Development?
1955 Ther Gerson Therapy and Practice in the Prevention of and Treatment for Cancer.
1955 Five Case Histories.
1955 Cancer Development and Treatment. Conference at The Academy of Applied Nutrition in Pasadena.
1956 Rehabilitation of the Cancer Patient.
1956 The Problem of Cancer Based Upon the Law of Totality.
1956 The Historic Development of the Combines Dietary Regime in Cancer.
1957 Can Cancer Be Prevented?
1957 New Therapeutical Approach To Cancer
1957 Cancer-Reflected Symptoms of Abnormal Metabolism


1936 My Diet. Edited in Berlin, 1930
1934 Diet Therapy of Lung Tuberculosis
1954 Diet Therapy in Malignant Disease
1958 A Cancer Therapy—Results of 50 Cases. Gerson Institute