Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a patient at your clinic?
Provided you are a candidate to receive the Gerson Therapy, after speaking with one of our doctors, you must fill out our Health History Questionnaire form and gather up all medical records to be released to our clinic. Once these things are in order you are immediately able to come down provided space is available.
A deposit will be required to hold your reservation.

How quickly can one come to the Clinic?
Provided that there is space available at our clinic you may come down usually within two weeks. Call us to make sure that there is space available.

How much does it cost to stay at your clinic?
There are many programs to choose from at to our clinic. Those choices range from the CORNERSTONE WELLNESS PROGRAM to the full Advanced Gerson Therapy. We also have a modified Gerson program for people who want to come to our clinic just to detoxify and lose weight. The cost of the Basic Gerson Therapy is $5850 per week with a two-week minimum stay, however, a majority of our patients stay three weeks for the best results. The cost includes a companion who gets free room and board, 3 months worth of supplements on the basic Gerson therapy to continue the therapy at home, 3-6 months of Coleys treatment, IV Chelation, IV Vitamin C, pure organic aloe vera, and Frankincense and a myriad of other immunotherapies. Round trip airport transport also included.

Does the clinic accept any kind of payment plans or can I pay with credit card?
No, all clinics in Mexico require that all services be paid upfront with cash after the initial deposit.

Does insurance cover the Gerson Therapy?
Unfortunately no. Your insurance company will not reimburse us or you for your care.

What if I cannot afford to come to the clinic?
If you are in early stages of cancer or are suffering from other less advance degenerative diseases we offer a 3 month at-home program. This program includes everything you need including phone and Skype consultations. The price of this program is $2500.

If the patient’s cancer is severely advanced and has and of the following: kidney involvement, extensive metastasis, previous chemotherapy, or the patient is taking multiple prescription medications they will have to come to our clinic.

If you have a life insurance policy and have a terminal diagnosis you may be able to get a loan or advance on your policy, which you can use to cover the cost.  (www.thelifeline.com)

Some of our patients have been able to raise money to cover the cost the therapy by setting up a donation page at www.gofundme.com

Do I need to bring a companion? If so, what role do they play?
If you are suffering from an advanced or terminal disease it is mandatory that you bring a companion. The companion’s role is to serve as support to the patient but, more importantly, they are there to learn how to do the therapy correctly, for the return home, while the patient convalesces and heals. This is why we include a companion in the pricing.

How do I get to the clinic?
Our patients fly into San Diego International Airport or Tijuana Airport where we will personally pick them up and escort them straight to our clinic outside of Rosarito. We will also return them back to the airport when they are finished at our clinic.

What do I need to cross the border and enter back into the United States?
To enter Mexico and the United States you need a birth certificate AND a valid government issued ID, like a drivers license. You do not need passport to re-enter the U.S., though it is preferred.

Do the doctors in Mexico speak English?
Yes, our doctors speak fluent English. If you do not speak English or Spanish you will need to bring someone who can interpret for you.

I have a child with cancer. Can I bring them down for treatment?
This is a VERY sensitive question. It is illegal in the United States to treat cancer with anything other than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery! Your child is actually considered an entity of the state up until they are 18 years of age. Therefore, children under 18 are FORCED to do chemotherapy and radiation. You see these battles in the press regularly between the State and parents where the State threatens to take the children away via Social Services and the parents go to jail if the parents refuse to do chemotherapy and radiation. DO NOT mention to your oncologist that you prefer to do a natural therapy as they will likely call Social Services IMMEDIATELY and you may lose your child. Our advice is that you feel out your oncologist very carefully to see if they would be willing to allow you to consider other “alternatives” (DO NOT BE SPECIFIC) and, if they are, you get them to legally sign something communicating that willingness to let you try something else. They may do this for you in cases where there is nothing else they can do for the child. I, personally, immediately upon diagnosis would disappear and do the Gerson Therapy somewhere I could not be found. We have watched many children die because they were forced to get chemo and radiation when they could have been saved with a natural therapy such as the Gerson Therapy. It is tragic at best and just goes to show you how corrupt the medical profession has become!

Why is your clinic in Mexico and not the United States? 
the answer to this is a continuation of the last question. The medical establishment has managed to pass laws to protect their profits by making it illegal to use anything other than chemo and radiation in the treatment of cancer. Some states like New York, Arizona, Washington and Nevada, are loosening up their laws but still not enough to be able to safely practice the Gerson Therapy in the U.S. without the fear of having our clinics raided and shut down by the medical and governmental authorities.

I heard it is dangerous in Mexico. Is it really that safe?
You often hear in the news the negative and horrific stories about Mexico. These stories are pounded into the American psyche by a relentless media. To be realistic, however, we would like to provide you with a more genuine, reliable and true perspective of life at our clinic.
Our clinic is located in a quiet, upper-class, affluent neighborhood where the violent incidents in the news have NEVER occurred. Our clinic is located in a seaside neighborhood of Baja, California one mile south of the San Diego border, in a beautiful setting, only one block from the ocean, offering our patients calmness, tranquility, peace and solitude. It is located, at least, 30 minutes away from areas typically associated with the violence reported in the media.
With the recent, horrific and continuous shootings in the United States against fellow citizens we want to assure you that you are safer here than in United States as any violence here is specifically targeted at rival drug gangs; never at a fellow citizen like in the states.
You will be picked up at the airport by our staff and safely escorted directly to our clinic. At the end of your stay you will, again, be safely escorted back to the airport in San Diego by our reliable staff. Rest assured that compromising of your safety is never an issue.

If we have failed to answer any questions you may have please feel free to call us and we will be happy to answer those questions.