“I see, in Dr. Max Gerson, one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history”
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Albert Schweitzer

“Dr. Gerson dedicated his life to the mastery of this scourge of cancer and ALL should honor his great work!”
Senator Claude Pepper (D-Florida)

“I know of one patient who turned to the Gerson Therapy having been told that she was suffering from terminal cancer and would not survive another course of chemotherapy. Happily, seven years later she is alive and well. So therefore it is vital that, rather than dismissing such experiences, we should further investigate the beneficial nature of these treatments.”
Prince Charles of Wales (2004)

If it (The Gerson Melanoma Report) is not pursued, it will represent a betrayal of patients who have had to wait too long for genuine breakthroughs.”
Edward Lord Baldwin, Co-Chair Parliamentary Group for Alternative Medicine-House of Lords (1996)

“Proponents of alternative medicine should put a randomized study of the Gerson Diet at the top of their list.”

Julian Peto, Royal Cancer Hospital, UK (1996)

“This Melanoma report represents a wonderful model of how retrospective, observational data can be put together to indicate whether a prospective trial might be warranted and might well serve as the model for future, early field investigations.”

Alan Trachtenberg, Director of Office of Alternative Medicine at the NIH.

“The results of this study (Gerson Melanoma Study) are most provocative and convincing.”

T. Colin Campbell, Author of “CHINA STUDY”, Cornell University

When I toured the alternative cancer therapy clinics and hospitals in Tijuana, I was impressed by the lack of statistical information on outcomes. Some had a track record of thousands of patients, but they were unwilling, or unable, to provide potential patients with clear statistics. Of the medical practices that I visited only one (The Gerson Therapy) had a published, peer-reviewed, quantitative analysis of outcomes.”

Prof. David Hess, Author, “Can Bacteria Cause Cancer?”

I am convinced that integration of Gerson’s therapy, with the holistic immune-biological treatment, will produce the best possible results.”

Josef M. Issels, M.D.