We now have available the DOING THE GERSON THERAPY AT HOME PACKAGE which includes the following;

1) Charlotte Gersons book – Healing the Gerson Way

2) The Gerson Handbook (signed personally by Dr. Vickers!)

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3) Doing The Gerson Therapy At Home double-dvd set

4) Charlotte Gerson Food Preparation DVD

5) Complimentary copy of epic documentary, DYING TO HAVE KNOWN


This educational package comes complete with seven hours of video instruction on carrying out The Gerson Therapy at home, 300 pages of the history, politics and logistics of the Gerson Therapy in Charlotte Gerson’s book along with The Gerson Handbook that patients take home with them from Dr. Vickers’ clinic complete with a plethora of recipes. Also included is a free copy of the epic documentary DYING TO HAVE KNOWN; a powerful tool convincing friends and  loved ones to pursue the Gerson Therapy. While these materials are comprehensive educational tools it IS NOT recommended this package take the place of an in-house stay at Dr. Vickers’ amazing facility NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER where you receive the ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY. Patients suffering with advanced cancer are highly encouraged to come to the clinic so they can receive the advanced protocols. The total for this package is  $120 US which includes shipping (US ONLY).

International shipping not available.