Hi Dr. Vickers,
Geno and I would like to Thank you for all the services you provided at Baja. I had a great stay, and the staff was great. Thank you for all the knowledge you and your staff has offered me.

Great job Dr Vickers, Thank you!
Mary Gilliam 
February 11th 2018

Dr. Vickers,

Thanks so much for establishing such a wonderful clinic!
B. Towsley

February 6th 2018

Dr. Vickers,

Thank you very much for all you’ve done for me in being at the clinic these two weeks. I appreciate Filipe picking me up and more, all of the staff have been great. I am feeling good about the choice I’ve made and have already referred your clinic to another person I know dealing with cancer, thank you for all you do.
I spoke with Stephanie on Friday and have wired $1420 for the Laetrile and UV blood treatment  to US Bank given the routing information in the instructions you’ve sent. The confirmation from Chase Bank is below – if there’s any mistake please let me know right away and I will correct it.
Please let me know your thoughts on the dendritic cell therapy and if that would very important and valuable for me. I must spend money conservatively as I am not working and have had to second mortgage to pay for treatment, but if it is important and valuable, I will consider it.
Thanks very much again, everyone is great and I really appreciate the atmosphere and culture of caring that you have established here. I look forward to meeting you and thanking you in person.
Peter Sipos

December 9th 2017

suz photo1

The Northern Baja Gerson Center is a first rate health care facility that feels more like a resort. The staff is caring, friendly and knowledgeable, the food is amazing and is literally handcrafted by artist chef Laura Otis. What that women does with veggies is outstanding!  The medical staff made me feel hopeful and inspired thru the Gerson therapy and advanced protocols. After 3 breast cancer diagnosis, this is what I have been looking for – a place to heal and learn a new of living.  Thanks Dr Vickers and the entire staff at NBGC for taking such good care of me!!
Have a great day!!
Suzanne Mulroy


From time to time we like to post updates we get from patients all over the world that have been to our clinic. Let me introduce you to Sean W. from Liverpool, England; a 21 year old wonderful and extremely smart young man. Sean came to us having been diagnosed a year earlier with advanced Lymphoma. Knowing from the beginning he did not want to be poisoned by chemotherapy and radiation Sean extensively researched natural ways to treat his disease until he came across Dr. Vickers and the Advanced Gerson Therapy at NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER in Rosarito, Mexico. Hearing that Dr. Vickers was lecturing in Belfast, Sean bought a plane ticket with his own money and flew to Northern Ireland to hear Dr. Vickers speak.
Dr. Vickers was so moved by this young man’s gesture and life that he invited Sean to come spend four weeks at the center in Mexico in January. Well, Sean just had scans done only to find that the largest of tumors appear to be dead with no activity and no signs of angiogenesis to the area. While this is exciting news Sean still MUST remain on the therapy for another 18 months or the risk of recurrence is high. So congratulations Sean. We are so happy to hear of your progress.


We continue to receive wonderful updates from our patients after they leave our clinic and here is yet another patient who is responding fantastically to the Gerson Therapy. Ana R. from the United States came to us with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer back in November. Her tumor markers when she arrived were 369 when the normal should be 0-30. I will let you read her brief email toDr. Vickers below. Such exciting news after only being on the therapy for three months. Ovarian cancer responds famously well to the Gerson Therapy and most certainly our Advanced Gerson Therapy. Here is what Ana had to say;

Hi Dr. Vickers,
My name is Ana. I was a patient at your Center back in November 2016. I’m so excited about my Ca 125 last month’s result. It went down to 17. Range is 0-30. My Diagnosis is ovarian cancer. Thanks for providing such a fabulous program. My gynecology oncologist called me the Miracle Lady.

Thanks again!
Ana L Rivera

Congratulations Ana! You still have 21 months to go but this is proof you are well on your way to being healed!



Here is an email we received today from our patient Virginia Haley from Michigan. We really enjoyed having her and her husband Vince here two years ago and we look forward to having them back again for a visit. We are so proud of our patients that buckle down and do what they must do to heal then send us these wonderful testimonials. Congratulations Ginny….we are so excited for you…

Dr. Vickers and staff,
Just wanted to write and share the news with you all there at the clinic… I just received a clean mammogram, clear cat scan on abdomen/pelvis and a clear scan on my head. The later was performed because I was experiencing extreme dizziness last September (due to thyroid levels to low) but they always think of brain tumor or something! Good blood work also!
I finished 2 yrs on Gerson Therapy in October and have had some very stressful months since then due to my fathers hospitalization, death and now serving as executor of his estate …BUT …..I just had to share the good news with you all there who helped make this possible!! Thanks for your Gerson teaching, compassion and lovely clinic that made this possible!

With a thankful heart!
Ginny Haley

Breast cancer 2013. Conquered!
Lymphoma 2014. Conquered!

3rd FB live event


People often comment how intense the Gerson protocol can be when returning home which is why it is the most powerful and successful therapy in the world for advanced cancer and disease. Check out this man’s testimony below which is nothing short of remarkable and inspiring and truly an example of the old cliche ” Where there is a will there is a way!” This man’s discipline and love of the Truth is the spirit every dying patient should have to save themselves of their disease. Alan came to Dr. Vickers nearly two years ago and the results speak for themselves. Forgive the length of the testimonial but it is well worth the read. You are an amazing man Alan!

Here is my story so far on a modified Gerson protocol after consulting with Dr Vickers in July 2013. I posted this originally in another Gerson support group and includes copies of before and after biopsies:

My Gerson story so far-

Thanks Kathleen for welcoming me into the group. I’m an almost-healed prostate cancer Gerson patient. I’m an independent trucker and have been doing the therapy on the road in my semi-truck for over three years. I’m in my truck five days a week running from my home in Northern Idaho to Southern California and back through Spokane, Washington.

Like you, when I first learned of the Gerson Therapy I KNEW this was God’s way to heal the body that He created and that I’m only a steward of.

Due to my tight schedule hauling perishable salad dressings and fresh produce I must do a modified version of the therapy. I do about one coffee enema per day and drink about 7 or 8 juices total with most of them taken within 3 hours of the coffee break (knowing the coffee-induced liver enhancement lasts about that long. I bring the produce home most weeks and my wife makes the juices for each 5 day period and also the meal prep except for the oatmeal that I cook in a 5 quart covered glass dish that fits in my 12-volt travel stove. I also use this to heat up the food my wife makes. I have two ice coolers that I keep the food in. One cooler is just for the juice which we pour into 1/2 gallon jars and then place in the cooler with the ice.

Oh, the coffee breaks? Let me just say like you probably said, “where there’s a will there’s a way.” Suffice to say that task is accomplished in the proper Gerson manner whether there’s a bathroom nearby to walk to after the 15 minutes or not. No mishaps so far!

I’m 60 years old now and in 2013 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer through needle biopsy. The result was 6 of 12 cores positive, and Gleason 6 (not as fast-spreading as some). After doing my modified protocol I got a second biopsy 21 months later that showed an almost 90% reduction in the cancer detected with only 1 core positive out of 12 (I’ll post these biopsies at the end).

That’s an introduction – What follows is a longer facebook comment I made a few months ago which may be redundant for some in this group but I’ll include here for the benefit of so many new members:

Thanks to all! With cancer now rampant compared to 120 years ago it’s obvious we’ve been doing something wrong. Our bodies and immune systems are compromised from dealing with impure food, water, and often air (especially indoor air) not to mention alcohol/drug abuse, etc. Another major problem is the sodium/potassium ratio. Virtually everyone has too much sodium and not enough potassium which results in cellular edema. Sodium (or table salt) is added to almost every processed food there is. This cellular edema severely inhibits energy production and metabolism by restricting entry of sugar and oxygen to the cells. In this state of cellular disruption it’s only natural to see so many debilitating conditions or “diseases,” especially diabetes and cancer plus about 50 other common things we’ve all heard of or experienced. The Gerson Therapy slowly reverses this by taking away the cause of most of the problems in the first place.

The therapy consists of a radical change in diet plus other non-drug protocols (yes, coffee enemas for enhanced detoxification through the liver) and natural nutritional supplements including a special 3 part type of potassium compound. The diet is vegetarian (easily digestible and high in potassium) but not entirely vegan and takes at least 18 months to 2 years to restore proper cellular function and most importantly to rebuild the liver. The full therapy may include as much as 20-23 lbs of organic produce (!) mostly in the form of freshly-pressed juices and about 2-3 lbs cooked plus raw salads, etc. My protocol is modified. Instead of thirteen 8 oz juices per day I have 7 or 8.

My Urologist is no longer recommending I have my prostate removed but “keep an eye on things” through ongoing tests, etc. But he’s still not quite sure what to make of it all.

I’ve always emphasized hard work but in my case I tend to overwork and always have. The trouble is this activity (yes often prideful) is bad for the immune system. So if you’re like me you think you can get away with not following all the rules. For me the main one is not getting enough sleep. On top of that, after the first year or so you feel so good you start to think you’re invincible… again. So for people like me the risk is to not get enough rest and sleep. Had I done so I don’t think I would have still had some cancer present 21 months into the therapy. So now I’m slowing things down to allow my immune system to catch up..

Nonetheless, I’ve experienced huge progress not just in the cancer department –
1) my right arm strength had deteriorated down to less than half that of my left arm. Dystrophy? After about 8 months on the therapy it was back to normal.
2) chronic underlying cough was gone in first 5 or 6 months.
3) hemorrhoids gone in first 5 or 6 weeks
4) then I noticed last spring when tilling the garden all day I didn’t get the usual sunburn as in every year before! (I found out later that all the beta carotene in the juices is a natural sunscreen).
5) Energy! I wanted to see if what I was feeling was real or not. When fully rested I felt like I could run 5 miles! So recently I did just that, I had my son take me out 5 miles from home and drop me off. I ran home nonstop in just under 50 min, not the greatest but pretty good for not having run except for a mile or two a couple of times in the 16 years since I retired from the Army. My upper legs were sore but my breathing and heart rate were fine.

Yes, the therapy works in most cases if you actually follow it and even in about 50% of terminal cases as documented in Dr. Gersons book, “A Cancer Therapy: results of 50 cases”

When I foolishly tore up my knee (ACL, MCL, meniscus) in a dumb logging accident in 2008 I didn’t hesitate to have it surgically repaired. But in the case of debilitating conditions and cancer let’s not rush fearfully into destructive “treatments” but treat our bodies as our Creator would have us do and help it to heal itself as He intended.

“For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church”
Ephesians 5:29



Last month (October 2016) we brought you a wonderful interview with Blanca Matheson who came and celebrated her one year anniversary on the Gerson Therapy here at our clinic NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER. She told us she would be doing testing soon to get a status update on her advanced breast cancer. Well, the results are in and we could not be more touched and pleased! See the email below. We are so happy for you Blanca! You still have one more year to go to on the therapy. Keep pushing on so you can be just one more cured cancer patient using our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY.

From: “Blanca Matheson” <xxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
Date: Nov 17, 2016 12:37 PM
Subject: Results!
To: <info@gersontreatment.com>

Dear Dr. Vickers: So incredibly happy & thankful to report that my pet cat scan taken 10 day’s ago showed no metastasis anywhere in my body! No metabolic activity!! No sign of the breast tumor! I am overjoyed and absolutely thankful to NBGC and everyone involved in my healing!! You have empowered me in so many ways. I thank you from the bottom of my hear! Blessings to all of you!!🙌💖🙏



Here is another shocking testimonial from a breast cancer patient who had metastasis to the bones all over her body. Rather than go into all the details we will just let you read her wonderful email she sent to Dr. Vickers. Just yet another amazing testimonial of the power of The Advanced Gerson Therapy here at NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER.

Good News!! Doctor!
just want you to be the first outside my family to know that today, I had the best news ever !! From my MRI, brain, and biopsy results.
Results: NEGATIVE!!
That’s right!
The biopsy came out with no signs of cancer
The brain scan NEGATIVE no cancer
And the body scan did not light up anywhere in my body.
You have no idea how VERY happy we are !! My family and me, and especially Diego.
The last MRI with contrast was done approx 6 months ago and it lit up in my ribs, spinal cord, and pelvis, – I was 6 months into the therapy back then.
I guess metastatic cancer takes longer to get rid of than other types of cancer – However, this MRI showed no signs of them !!
Which means that “The therapy worked !
SO !! – I wanted to thank you because I owe it all to you !
And I am grateful !
I know that at the beginning you had doubts about me not focusing in this therapy. But I did, even though it was hard for me. And you were right, you said that the first few months were going to be the worse, and it happened just like that. I didn’t think I was going to make it, and I was ready to give up. And I cried, and I was angry because I did not like the food, and it was hell. It took some time for me to get adjusted. – and I did. I now eat potatoes like nothing, and they taste good, and the soup actually tastes good too, I couldn’t stand it before, remember?. And I actually like vegetables, I make lots of recipes with them and look forward to eating them. Bread is not even in my menu anymore, although once in a while I eat a piece of organic rye bread. MY health has improved tremendously, my lab results are good each time. no cholesterol, no high blood pressure, my thyroids are always below 5, even my sugar levels are normal. I will send you the lab results.. as well as the MRI and other test results tomorrow so you can see it for yourself. You can post it on FB if you want to. I just thought I should tell you first by email before saying anything on your FB page. BTW, they did the brain scan because i was having pain in my skull. but nothing was there either. I am so happy !! Diego is here with me,he came from LA to be with me for the results, and you can’t imagine how happy he is. We were both crying of happiness.
BTW, he told me he was going to email you to let you know about the cartoons so you can watch the pilot.
Well… Doctor, I will let you know for now, it has been a long day.
I still have pain in my spinal cord and ribs from the damage caused by the cells, but the doctor said that the bones will take some time to grow back, at least 2 years. So 2 years of pain. I can take it, especially now that I know that I don’t have cancer YEi!!
Thank you so much ! I thought you would be happy to know that your therapy worked in another one of your patients. Tarde, pero seguro.LOL
Maky Pelaez
On the photo Dr. Vickers with Maky Pelaez and her son Diego.



Check out this wonderful interview done today of Dr. Vickers’ former patient in Uckfield, England. Five years ago Ms. Kate Shemirani was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer with a high pleomorphic presentation that gave her a 20% survival rate at 2 years and less than 2% at 5 years; a virtual death sentence. She met with Dr. Vickers by phone and he put her on the Gerson Therapy to heal her of this incredibly aggressive form of breast cancer. More than five years later Ms. Shemirani is alive and well thanks to the incredible power of the Gerson Therapy. Of special note in this case is that Ms. Shemirani is soon to become Mrs. Vickers as she will be marrying Dr. Vickers this December at Dr. Vickers’ clinic in Rosarito, Mexico! A beautiful story indeed. Enjoy the interview provided in the link below.




Check out this wonderful testimonial we filmed yesterday here at our clinic NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER in Rosarito, Mexico. Blanca came to us from Southern California exactly one year ago with Stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast. Her tumor got as large as 5 cm with several lymph nodes involved as well. After one year her tumor is completely undetectable and the lymph nodes are back to normal. That is the power of our protocols. She declined ALL conventional medical treatment as most people should! We invited Blanca to our stunning new facility to celebrate her success and one year anniversary of embarking on our protocol; The Advanced Gerson Therapy. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful, emotional interview I did of her. You can also see it on our website www.gersontreatment.com


Here is another incredible patient update from our clinic here in Rosarito, Mexico. Nine days ago Dolores W. entered our clinic with advanced Malignant Melanoma in her foot which also had spread to the lymph nodes in the groin area. After nine days at our clinic you can clearly see the shrinking of the tumor in the two photos below. Furthermore, her swollen lymph nodes in the groin have completely flattened out and her distended stomach when she arrived is back to normal. All of this has taken place in just a matter of nine days.The transformation of her physical appearance, her energy levels and general well being is nothing short of remarkable. That is the power of our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY with our new BEMER technology. Stay tuned for more incredible patient updates from NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER.

14355519_10205370252170903_4068948766194144607_n 14355778_895954557175340_3912033214517210866_n 14322612_895954563842006_1038444984421961993_n 14264214_10205370231810394_9123689699160988849_n

From Audrey J. Kim (Facebook)

never give up hope




One week ago today Herman J. from Manhattan arrived at our clinic with advanced prostate cancer and a PSA ANTIGEN of 10.1….fairly high. When he came in he was clearly worried and troubled and not quite secure that we could cure him. I assured him that he has nothing to worry about and that he will do great as prostate cancer responds famously to our treatment (see shocking Thomas King testimonial here on FB). Well, yesterday, after one week, we took another PSA test and the results were remarkable….down to 5.9 in just one week at our clinic. Herman is clearly on his way to healing. So exciting.

PSA test

Healing Update – after exactly 6 weeks we are on our way back home to the UK. What an amazing time and life changing experience it has been for both of us. James (my twin brother) has undertaken many different therapies and advanced treatments which have been so worthwhile. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Dentrictic Cell Therapy, intravenous Vitamin C and B17, Liver and B12 Injections, Hyperthermia, Far-infrared therapy, Bemer vascular therapy…..to name a few.

The food has been organic, wholesome and nutritious, prepared and presented beautifully by the three talented Gerson chefs. The staff, Doctors and Nurses have been fantastic, looking after James and everyone’s needs. Thank you to Dr Patrick Vickers for his kindness, knowledge and stunning facility in northern Mexico, providing a stress free environment to relax and heal. James has done very well and I’m so proud of him. He has experienced some pain and a couple of serious reactions to treatments but has come through it so well. It is all a healing transformation where the body and tumours are detoxing from having the therapies, vegetarian diet, supplements and coffee enemas. James said he has also found in his own quiet time of reflection many moments very emotional. Thinking upon the wonderful people he has met, his own experience of having to deal with the cancer he has (but will of course overcome) and his gratitude for his supportive family.

Added to this whole experience have been the beautiful people – patients and companions, their stories and words of encouragement. We know we were meant to meet you all and become friends!

James had his pancreatic cancer markers tested before leaving the clinic and although the test was performed in another country and lab i.e Mexico (therefore different to London, so not like for like) it is encouraging to hear that the value has dropped from 311,930 to 120,000 – we will have the blood test done again next week to compare with the original lab in London. However let’s all hold this result in high spirits! I feel James is on his road to recovery, a hard and long journey but we will all be there to make sure he does succeed! 🙏😇💜 Xx Pete Turner, UK

Twin brothers

13412864_10153738532023932_1247600119367260757_n 13417615_10153738532253932_3886674970929657667_n 13418738_10153738531388932_800758202601771208_n 13418856_10153738530953932_4805717478461316190_n 13418899_10153738531508932_7769294152621173760_n 13419002_10153738531073932_2918546806357998722_n 13423949_10153738530388932_4428826345837483902_n 13428522_10153738531188932_809845624571171651_n 13445591_10153740751028932_8609953684644722993_n 13465956_10153738531953932_4757269221217329480_n 13466517_10153738531053932_2111839823135717523_n 13495028_10153738532343932_201112227614955114_n 13529145_10153757822003932_5006923181822428962_n 13557840_10153778720263932_5253390276984115989_n

Never before have I felt so strongly that I am in exactly the right place at exactly the right time! Thank you for having me at your center🙏🏼  I have also been feeling strongly that 3 weeks is not enough time for me to be ready to do this at home…..Is it possible to extend my visit for a total of 6 weeks? I brought this up to Stephanie, but also wanted to ask you. Please and thank you Malia Smith, Colorado

We want to share with you yet another shocking patient video sent to us this week by the patient´s husband Robert L. of Vancouver, Canada. His wife, Pauline L., came to us 8 months ago with severely advanced pancreatic cancer. Before coming to us she needed to have a stent put in to prevent blockage of the bile duct. That procedure, along with the natural propensity of internal bleeding for her particular cancer, caused a major crisis that could have taken her life but she was stabilized and able to make it down to our clinic. We were worried and reluctant to take her because she was at high risk for going into a crisis at our clinic. Nevertheless, we agreed to take her. We immensely enjoyed having her and her beautiful family at our clinic. Unfortunately, one night, we nearly lost her. She went into a major crisis of internal bleeding and we all gathered around her bed waiting for emergency services to take her to the hospital to try and save her life. Her respiration and pulse plummeted as she went in and out of consciousness. We, truly, were not sure she would make it. She made it to the hospital and by the grace of God she was stabilized, returned to our facility and shortly thereafter returned home only to go thru another crisis with her stent. Again, she made it through that. This week, after 8 months of doing the Gerson Therapy, her husband sent us this absolutely wonderful, tear-jerking video. We all jumped for joy, albeit absolutely shocked, upon seeing this video….ENJOY!

Here is a wonderful update from one of our favorite patients, Ashley F., who attended our clinic late February and March of this year. She came in 33 years old suffering with advanced breast cancer metastasized to the bones. While at our clinic she received the powerful Gerson Therapy , Hyperbaric Oxygen, Hyperthermia, Ozone, Dendritic Cell Therapy, freshly prepared organic aloe vera, frankincense and our incredible new, far-infrared hand-held device straight from Japan developed from NASA research on far-infrared. ALL of these therapies comprise our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY which is the most comprehensive treatment protocol in the world for the treatment of cancer and disease. So enjoy what Ashley wrote Dr. Vickers and the chart she included. The decrease in tumor markers began immediately after her entering our incredible facility. Ashley still has two years to go but this is a classic response to our world-class protocol!
“Woohoo!!! Tumor markers have been in a state if decline since march!!!
Oh that’s right I went to ur clinic!!!!!”



Hey everyone…check out this short video of our patient Roland who entered our clinic needing a wheel chair and a walker. In three days he was running up and down the halls! On another note, a patient companion leaving today after three weeks came up and thanked us for having this facility available to people. His wife, the patient, is doing great and he has lost 13 pounds in three weeks and looks amazing! That is classic response to Gerson Therapy…even for companions! We will really miss this Russian couple. And Roland too!

Back in January, Thomas K., 71 years old, came to us with the most severe case of prostate cancer we have ever seen at our clinic. Thomas’ CT SCAN lit up like a christmas tree as he had bone metastasis throughout his entire body. His Alkaline Phosphatase levels, which indicate the level of bone involvement, were at 900! His PSA level at 850! He came into our clinic needing a wheelchair and after three weeks walked out of our clinic without any problem whatsoever. That is not the miracle in this case. Today, we received a call from Thomas as he just received the results of his latest blood tests and scans and he is pronounced CANCER FREE by his absolutely dumbfounded oncologists!
His ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE levels are down to 12 and his PSA is 0.2!!!! This is nothing short of shocking…even to us. To have such extensive bone Mets healed so quickly is astounding. We must note that Thomas added to his protocol the BEMER MAT which we, ironically, added to our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY protocol this last month because we could not deny its incredible healing power and ability to oxygenate tissues which will enhance the Gerson Therapy and our advanced protocols exponentially! This is such exciting news for us and confirmation that our additions to the Gerson Therapy are working powerfully! The basic Gerson Therapy cannot produce these results. Congratulations Thomas from NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER. This is wonderful news and this is the power of our ADVANCED GERSON THERAPY at NORTHERN BAJA GERSON CENTER.

Thomas2 Thomas
Here is Thomas’ video testimonial – enjoy!

Good morning Dr. Patrick. I wanted to let you know that I’m doing well and feeling great..I also wanted to thank you and all your staffs so much from the bottom of my heart.. I am now cancer free and working again..please said hi to everybody for me..I hope you are doing great too..I hope to see you again someday.. Happy July 4th..!!  ;)
Kristina T. From Oklahoma City


Hi Dr. Vickers, Stephanie, Dr. Martinez, and Dr. Acosta,

Our experience at the clinic was amazing and we really miss seeing you everyday. We learned so much!  We both have a totally new outlook on food. Even walking into a health food store has been totally simplified ,  we just head right for the produce!!   We look forward to communicating with all of our dear friends (patients) to hear of all their successes on their healing journey.

We would like  to thank you all for the loving care you generously provided. Stephanie, you so patiently answered all our questions and made the week go so smoothly. The nursing staff and kitchen staff are so loving and knowledgeable;  and the housekeeping  staff couldn’t have been nicer.  Doctors, you were always there for us and thank you so very much for allowing Ron to use the Bemer whenever it was not in use.  I am sure it will help his blood condition. We look forward to seeing his bloods viscosity on his next doctor’s visit and sure we will see a positive change in the results. Dr. Vickers ,we would like to purchase a Bemer and hopefully use your discount. Please let us know how we can go about ordering one through you.

Dr. Vickers, we are spreading the word about the miracles of the clinic.  It was such an educational week, we were totally enlightened.  Before attending our week at the clinic, I thought I had done my due diligence in the area of health, but a whole new aspect of  nutrition, healing and life extension has been revealed to me.
And by the way, Ron now agrees with you regarding the eating of meat and not needing it to be full.  Potatoes have replaced meat and are a staple in our diet now.
Thank you again.
Our best to ALL!
Ron and Karen King