The Advanced Gerson Therapy Overview


The most powerful, comprehensive treatment available

“I am convinced that integration of Gerson’s therapy with the holistic immune-biological treatments will produce the best possible results.”

Josef M Issels MD




October 18, 1881 – Mar 7, 1959

Shortly before his death in 1959, Dr. Max Gerson published his epic book, “A Cancer Therapy; Results of 50 Cases.” On pages 121-128, Dr. Gerson clearly laid out various directions he would like to take his therapy but he never got the chance because he died.

Dr. Gerson was the consummate scientist; perpetually trying to enhance and improve on his, already, remarkable clinical results.


Dr. Vickers and his colleagues set out to begin utilizing therapies specifically mentioned by Dr. Gerson along with several other immunological therapies that have proven to stimulate the immune system and increase clinical outcomes. Our Advanced Gerson Therapy is clearly showing greater clinical results than the original therapy left by Dr. Gerson over 50 years ago—just as Dr. Gerson theorized it would!

Dr. Vickers and his colleagues continue to offer the original Gerson Therapy as Dr. Gerson left it but it is only under this foundation and umbrella of Dr. Gerson’s original treatment that these additional immunological therapies mentioned above achieve their maximum efficacy.

Dr. Gerson’s dietary therapy is an intensive, nutrition-based program which has proven to stimulate the body’s own natural immune response while promoting the breakdown of diseased and tumor-laden tissue as well as the rebuilding of that diseased tissue. It works closely with the healing forces of nature to stimulate and restore normal growth by flooding the body with fresh, raw, cooked, organic, live foods on a scale that no other nutritional therapy in the world today can compare. It simply is the most powerful, comprehensive therapy available in the world today.

Specific fruits and vegetables, raw and freshly prepared, supply massive amounts of nutrients and phytochemicals that have proven, in worldwide studies, to have incredible anti-cancer and health-promoting properties. In countless cases, this, intense dietary regime has proven to cause COMPLETE regression of cancer.

Holistic, all-encompassing, nutritional immunotherapy, based on the principles of Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy, is able to reverse a myriad of chronic conditions including, but not limited to, Arthritis, Lupus, Candida, Thyroid disease, Alzheimers, Asthma, MS, Diabetes, Cancer and countless other conditions. When done in conjunction with other, highly-effective immunological treatments mentioned below, those results are exemplified on an even greater magnitude that cannot be rivaled anywhere in the world.

Below is a review of our Advanced Gerson Therapy.


GERSON THERAPYMax B. Gerson, M.D., is considered one of the original pioneers behind Nutritional Immunology for his many contributions in chronic and degenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and cancer. His diet, consisting of 20lbs. of organic fruits and vegetables every day (mostly in the form of juices), as well as a potent detoxification program, is the foundation from which we build on the therapies below. We are the ONLY facility in all of Tijuana to go to the United States every two days to purchase fresh, organic fruits and vegetables off the retail shelf so we can guarantee you the highest quality, most nutritious produce available. Other clinics order in bulk once every 7-10 days. It is well known that after 5-7 days the nutritional value of foods is cut in at least half.

HYPERBARIC OXYGEN – In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine after demonstrating that cancer, viruses and bacteria cannot survive in highly oxygenated and alkaline environments. New in May of 2015 we have added hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the Basic Plan 3 without any additional cost.

COLEY’S TOXINS – Historically, a surprisingly large number of “spontaneous regressions” of cancer have occurred during inflammatory infections. Coley’s toxins are an immune stimulating, injectable (dead) bacterial reagent documented historically to have cured many cases of advanced cancer. Gerson (1958) called for an investigation of Coley’s toxins within the context of his treatment. Issels used this material safely and successfully in thousands of patients over a period of forty years. Dr. Vickers and his colleagues have used this mixed bacterial vaccine to successfully treat many hundreds of patients to date. Historically, Coley’s Toxins are most effective in Sarcoma and Melanoma.

DENDRITIC CELL THERAPY: Dendritic cells are like generals in your body….they go around seeking out threats to the system then they present those threats to the immune system and it is then the immune system that rallies the immune response against the disease. In this procedure your blood is circulated through ultraviolet light killing unwanted cancer cells and pathogens while your dendritic cells are being extracted and collected. They are then taken to a laboratory where they are multiplied exponentially and reintroduced into your body 3-4 days later. A very powerful adjunct when done in conjunction with our other therapies.

GC-MSF– AKA GRAMAL: This is given to chemo patients as chemo destroys a person’s white blood cell count. GRAMAL significantly boosts a patient’s WBC count. WBCs are responsible for attacking and destroying cancer.

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY: Root Canals MUST be removed before complete healing can occur. We can have that service provided for you here in Mexico or you can find someone to do that back at home but it must get done early on in your care or optimal healing will not take place. The former head of the American Odontological Association wrote a book called, ´´The Root Canal Cover-Up´´ where he exposed the disease-causing side effects of Root Canals. This service is not included in Plan 3 of the Price List.

Biopsy or other surgeries: By performing these procedures we can cause harm to tumors which cause the release of tumor antigens and “danger” signals that activate the Dendritic Cell/Lymphocyte cascade and anti-cancer cycles in properly prepared patients.

IMMERSION HYPERTHERMIA and INFRA RED TECHNOLOGY – Full body, medically supervised hot tub bath. Body heating has been shown to have beneficial effects in cancer treatment when temperature rises about 107 degrees; especially when done in conjunction with Laetrile. Furthermore, evidence is beginning to become clear that when the body is bombarded with chlorophyll, which is plentiful in our green juices and spirulina, then the body is exposed to far infra red light, cancer cells die off just as effectively as chemotherapy. Our special protocol for light therapy is a recent, exciting addition to the proven principles of the Gerson Therapy.

LAETRILE – Used with hyperthermia to weaken malignant cells.

BOB BECK PROTOCOL; We utilize the 9-volt Pulsar Unit and Ozone Unit created by Bob Beck. The electrical current applied to the body is said to stun any viruses, bacteria and cancer cells diminishing their ability to multiply giving the immune system the upper hand in its ability to attack and destroy the invading organisms. Ironically it is the same level of current a healthy immune system would release to stun the aforementioned organisms.

UREA/CREATINE – Danopoulos published in respected journals many provocative reports of tumor responses to synthetic urea and creatine. Dr. Rogers has merged Danopoulos’ protocols with the much higher dosages used safely by Nalbadian. This treatment is an important alternative method of tumor debulking.

COQ10 – This vitamin has shown a strong anti-tumor effect in a breast cancer trial (Copenhagen, Denmark). Principal investigator Karl Folkers reports regression of liver and lung tumors in a current German trial.

LABS – Routine basic tests may include SMAC (Chemistry Panel), CBC with Differential, Urinalysis, EKG, and specific Tumor Markers as needed.


The therapies below are all available but the protocols will vary based on the patient’s needs throughout their stay at our clinic. The decision to which therapies will be applied will be made by the doctors and the patient thru mutual agreement.

GERSON’S DIETARY THERAPY as practiced by Dr. Gerson up until his death in 1959

13 Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices            Vegetarian meals

Abundance of fresh fruit                                                   Fresh juices

Acceleration of metabolism                                              Potassium compound – oral

Pancreatic enzymes                                                             Stomach enzymes

CoQ10 – oral                                                                        Niacin – oral

Liver capsules                                                                       Thyroid – oral

Vitamin C – oral/IV                                                            Lugol’s solution

Liver/B12 injections                                                            Enemas of coffee and/or chamomile tea

Castor oil treatments                                                            Castor oil packs

Clay packs                                                                               Herbal teas


Additions to the Advanced Gerson Therapy

Complete enzyme therapy

Daily Nursing Care

Complete Lab testing with chemistry profiles

Optional Companion Room and Board

Any one or more of these therapies may or may not be given to an individual patient. The timing of when a particular treatment will be started is a decision arrived at between the treating physician and the patient or guardian. The timing and the mix of treatments given an individual patient are part of the art of medicine and require experience to be done expertly. Another important factor is whether the patient has met their financial obligations, especially for some of the more costly treatments. This is best discussed prior to treatment.
image (61) image (62)


ADMISSION DEPOSIT: Prior to admission, you will be asked to make an initial deposit to reserve a space at our facility. The deposit is non- refundable with the exception of documented, hospital proof of medical emergency. Upon arrival the remainder of the balance will be due IN CASH( US DOLLARS) for whichever program you will be embarking on. There are no other viable options of payment . We understand some people are not comfortable with this policy but We have instituted this to protect ourselves from the adverse and increasingly difficult political conditions surrounding the nature of our work as at any moment the US Government or Medical Industry can wreak havoc on our work which they would do by interfering with our bank accounts. All of our patients must follow this policy and have done so without any unfavorable incidences ever happening. We cannot allow any more transferring of funds into our accounts after the initial deposit. Furthermore, if you arrive thinking you can withdraw US Dollars in cash from a bank, in Mexico, we can guarantee you that it is not possible unless you have accounts with US BANK, WELLS FARGO, BANK OF AMERICA and CHASE. If you have accounts with these institutions you may be able to pre arrange a transfer of funds to a branch in San Ysidro, California,the border town with Mexico, or a branch in downtown San Diego. Previous patients have ignored the financial policy and upon arrival found themselves in a very precarious position of being unable to access funds and rendering us unable to administer treatment beyond the initial deposit. Finally, contrary to what many people think it is not illegal to bring more than $10,000US into the United States or Mexico. It is illegal not to declare it. If declared there is absolutely no repercussions…especially when it is stated that the currency is for medical treatment.

PAYMENT: Once the balance is paid, in full, upon arrival, it is non-refundable unless you give us at least one week’s notice of your departure. Anything less than one week’s notice will incur a weekly charge. If a week’s notice is given then the reimbursement will be prorated based on the weekly stay minus any miscellaneous costs incurred.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE; We encourage those who need financial assistance to visit the websites, , or the LIFELINE PROGRAM which allows people to use Life Insurance policies to fund personal endeavors. Also, we have had patients raise tens of thousands of dollars on the website and

COSTS: Please note that all therapy is based upon the patient’s condition and will be decided upon assessment by our medical staff of patient’s medical records and general condition. Discount plans are available for hospitalization of 4 weeks or longer. If a patient requires any extra medications, procedures, oxygen, etc….the patient will be responsible for paying for those extra modalities.

Note: Maintaining a patient on the above listed therapies is dependent upon medical review of the patient by our medical staff. If at any time the patient is not stable enough to remain on the above protocols, their stay from that time on is subject to regular hospital fees currently in effect. As long as the patient is doing any form of the above therapies, their stay will be subject to the full fees for the above listed therapies, even though they may only be receiving a part of the stated treatments due to the aforementioned assessment by medical staff. Prices are subject to change without notice based on changes in market prices of treatments we utilize.

COMPANION ROOM AND BOARD: You are strongly encouraged to bring a companion. The therapy is not difficult to learn, but learning the therapy can seem overwhelming at first due to the many details involved. Experience has shown that having the support of a companion results in the most accurate application of the treatment when you return home. Companions are included in the cost of the treatment. We cannot guarantee that a companion will have a separate bed. A companion may, or may not, have to share a queen-sized bed with the patient depending on availability of certain rooms.

image (5)

PLAN YOUR STAY: Three weeks of hospitalization is generally recommended. Any emergency procedures that may be necessary ARE NOT included in the price of the program. If the patient is severely advanced it is highly recommended to have available $10,000, or more, in the event of necessary procedures taking place.

HOME SETUP COSTS: A three months’ supply of Gerson diet medications and supplies averages about $1000. If you are on the Advanced Gerson Therapy, your first 3 months of supplies(supplements for the BASIC Gerson Therapy only—not extra teas and supplements we may have you on while at clinic ) are included in the cost of the treatment and will be sent home with you. We put you on some specialty supplements and teas while you are here. If you want to continue those at home, and we encourage you to do so, we can set you up with a three month supply for roughly $500 which can be paid by credit card.

Juicers range from $450 to $2500. Appropriate choices include Norwalk, K&K, Champion (with a separate press), Juiceman, Angel Life, and Green Power juicers.

Your ongoing food costs range from $200 to $350 per week depending upon your location. We encourage you to go to the produce manager of any local grocery store and tell him the list of things you will need organically. He/she has access to anything you will need at much cheaper prices than you would pay retail. They just do not stock it on their shelves for lack of demand. If you tell them why you need the produce you will likely find a sympathetic, compassionate ear and they will likely give you rock bottom prices.

All evaluations and discussions regarding specific medical treatment will occur at the hospital facility.


TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: American citizens DO NOT need an American passport to enter or leave Mexico contrary to what everyone tells you and what the U.S. Govt website says. The only things needed are a birth certificate AND drivers license or govt issued photo ID of any kind.

  • Please arrange to arrive around 10am-12pm if possible and depart on the same day around 2pm-3pm.
    · Book your flight to the San Diego International Airport or Tijuana, Mexico
    · Please provide us with your cell phone number before you come, and turn it on as soon as you land. Please text/call our driver immediately upon landing. On your arrival, our driver will meet you AT your baggage claim area. DO NOT go outside the airport. Stay right at your baggage claim area.



“This melanoma report represents a wonderful model of how retrospective observational data can be put together to indicate whether a prospective trial might be warranted and might well serve as the model for future early field investigations.”

– Alan Trachtenberg, Acting Director, Office of Alternative Medicine, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health, March 21, 1995

“The results of this study are most provocative and convincing I might add”

– T. Colin Campbell, Cornell University, pers. comm., 1995.

“If it [the melanoma report] is not pursued, it will represent a betrayal of patients who have had to wait too long for genuine breakthroughs.”

– Edward Lord Baldwin of Bewdley, Co-Chair Parliamentary Group for Alternative and Complementary Medicine, House of Lords, UK, in an address before the House of Lords, 74LD23-PAGV7, Jan. 10, 1996.

“Proponents of alternative medicine should put (a randomized study of the Gerson diet) at the top of their agenda.”

– Julian Peto, Royal Cancer Hospital, UK, May 15, 1996.

“When I toured the alternative-cancer-therapy clinics and hospitals in Tijuana, I was impressed by the lack of statistical information on outcomes. Some had a track record of thousands of patients, but they were unwilling or unable to provide potential patients/consumers with clear statistics. Of the medical practices that I visited, only one had a published, peer-reviewed, quantitative analysis of outcomes.” (That would be us)

– Prof. David J. Hess, “Can Bacteria Cause Cancer?” NY University Press 1997.

Patient Checklist

  • Medical records, including pathology and current lab reports, discharge summaries, X-rays ,CT, MRI, and CAT scans not already provided(digital copies are preferred). If you encounter difficulties obtaining the necessary medical records, please do not delay travel. Upon your arrival, we will have you sign a medical release and obtain the records for you.
  • Laptop, smart phone or other WiFi device for checking and sending e-mail. Internet usage is limited at our clinic as we believe this is one of the major causes of illness today: computers and cell phones. 2-3 times a day patients and companions will have one hour access to the internet for the purpose of communicating with family and answering emails. Surfing the internet all day long will inhibit a patient´s ability to heal and therefore we make sure that is not possible while at our clinic.
  • Blank notebooks, pens and pencils.
  • Clock radio or travel alarm.
  • Personal articles (toilet/grooming).
  • Pajamas, robe, slippers, and informal clothing for pleasant days (in the 70s) and cool evenings (in the 50s). Bring some kind of bathing suit and-or shorts to be used for the full spectrum infra sauna.
  • Supplies of your current prescription medications and medical supplies.

Some medications (e.g.: pain killers, especially morphine and Demerol) and supplies (e.g.: colostomy fittings) are not internationally standard. Colostomy patients, please bring colostomy sleeves for irrigation. Please bring quantities adequate for you stay.

Identification Documents

  • Valid Passport or Valid Western Hemisphere Border Crossing Card for all U.S. Citizens. If a passport is not available a driver’s license AND a certified or original copy of birth certificate will also suffice.
  • A Passport, visa or other documents WILL BE required for all others. They will need these for entry and re-entry into the U.S.
  • No papers of any kind are required of anyone to enter Tijuana, Mexico.

Finally, please do not ask us for the physical address of the clinic. We do not give it out for matters of patient privacy and to remain as incognito and inconspicuous as possible given the deeply political and controversial nature of our work. Once you are settled into our clinic we will gladly give you the physical address to share with family and friends back home. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any other questions, please contact Dr. Patrick Vickers and our staff either by e-mail or by phone. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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